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 Project Hope...
 Project Hope is our building programme for an orphanage, a school and a clinic.  We are starting with the orphanage and need to raise 50,000 for this project.  Several Hundred bricks have already been made but we need more and you could help by buying a brick in our wall which would be equal to 5 actual bricks!




Project Hope...

To Add your name to our wall click the button below and donate 5.00

Connie Howard [ 9.Jul.2007]
Pauline Long [ 9.Jul.2007]
Alan Swaep [ 6.Jun.2007]
Maureen Sanders Happy Birthday [ 6.Jun.2007]
Maureen Sanders Happy Birthday [ 6.Jun.2007]
Jane Ming [ 6.Jun.2007]
Maureen Easter 07 [ 6.Jun.2007]
Katie Rudge On Her Baptism [ 6.Jun.2007]
Happy Birthday Tilly [23.Apr.2007]
Fiona Reeves [23.Apr.2007]
Fiona Reeves [23.Apr.2007]
Barrie Meridew [30.Jan.2007]
Happy Birthday Deniz Love Debbie [30.Jan.2007]
Happy Birthday Deniz Love Debbie [30.Jan.2007]
Fatima & Michael [24.Jan.2007]
Michael Waterman [24.Jan.2007]
Alice Waterman [24.Jan.2007]
Daniel Waterman [24.Jan.2007]
Penny Waterman [24.Jan.2007]
Trish & Alan Haskins [24.Jan.2007]
Stefan Hazell [24.Jan.2007]
Paula Hazell [24.Jan.2007]
Diane Martin [24.Jan.2007]
Iris Hopcraft [24.Jan.2007]
Debbie Reeves [ 5.Jan.2007]
Deniz Hazell [ 5.Jan.2007]
James Kilbey [ 5.Jan.2007]
Lisa Kilbey [ 5.Jan.2007]
Alison Barber [ 5.Jan.2007]
Caroline & Antony Sanders [ 5.Jan.2007]
Maureen Sanders [ 5.Jan.2007]

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